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DaVinci Resolve is a powerful editing software that allows users to manage large projects with ease. With its keyboard shortcuts, users can speed up their workflow and improve their productivity. Here are all of the keyboard shortcuts split into groups.

DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts


Resolve PreferencesCtrl+,⌘+,
Resolve Customized ActionsCtrl+Alt+K⌘+Option+K
Resolve QuitCtrl+Q⌘+Q


New Project(None)(None)
New FolderCtrl+Shift+N⌘+Shift+N
New TimelineCtrl+N⌘+N
Save ProjectCtrl+S⌘+S
Save Project AsCtrl+Shift+S⌘+Shift+S
Export XmlCtrl+Shift+O⌘+Shift+O
Import Project(None)(None)
Import MediaCtrl+I⌘+I
Import XmlCtrl+Shift+I⌘+Shift+I
Import Batch List From EDL(None)(None)
Export ProjectCtrl+E⌘+E
Project ManagerShift+1Shift+1
Project SettingsShift+9Shift+9


UndoCtrl+Z or `⌘+Z or `
Ripple CutCtrl+Shift+X⌘+Shift+X
Paste InsertCtrl+Shift+V⌘+Shift+V
Paste AttributesAlt+VOption+V
Paste ValueAlt+Shift+VOption+Shift+V
Select AllCtrl+A⌘+A
Deselect AllCtrl+Shift+A⌘+Shift+A
Select Sub NextCtrl+Right⌘+Right
Select Sub PreviousCtrl+Left⌘+Left
Select Sub AboveCtrl+Up⌘+Up
Select Sub BelowCtrl+Down⌘+Down
DeleteShift+Backspace or DeleteShift+Backspace or Delete
Insert Overwrite Action InsertF9F9
Insert Overwrite Action OverwriteF10F10
Insert Overwrite Action ReplaceF11F11
Insert Overwrite Action Place On TopF12F12
Insert Overwrite Action Ripple OverwriteShift+F10Shift+F10
Insert Overwrite Action Fit To FillShift+F11Shift+F11
Insert Overwrite Action Append At EndShift+F12Shift+F12
Multicam Prev AngleShift+Ctrl+LeftShift+⌘+Left
Multicam Next AngleShift+Ctrl+RightShift+⌘+Right
Multicam Prev PageAlt+Shift+LeftOption+Shift+Left
Multicam Next PageAlt+Shift+RightOption+Shift+Right
Multicam Tgt Audio And VideoAlt+Shift+[Option+Shift+[
Multicam Tgt VideoAlt+Shift+]Option+Shift+]
Multicam Tgt AudioAlt+Shift+\Option+Shift+\
Nudge Swap ForwardCtrl+Shift+.⌘+Shift+.
Nudge Swap ReverseCtrl+Shift+,⌘+Shift+,
Media Stereo Mode To LeftAlt+Shift+,Option+Shift+,
Media Stereo Mode To RightAlt+Shift+.Option+Shift+.
Media Stereo Mode To BothAlt+Shift+/Option+Shift+/
Move Clips UpAlt+UpOption+Up
Move Clips DownAlt+DownOption+Down
Switch To Timeline AfterAlt+Shift+QOption+Shift+Q


Select Item At PlayheadShift+VShift+V
Range SelectionRR
Select PointVV
Select Video PointAlt+EOption+E
Select Audio PointShift+EShift+E
Toggle Point TypeUU
Toggle Video Audio SelectionAlt+UOption+U
Nudge Trim Step Nudge Forward..
Nudge Trim Step Nudge Reverse,,
Nudge Trim Step Trim Multi Frame LeftShift+,Shift+,
Nudge Trim Step Trim Multi Frame RightShift+.Shift+.
Slip Audio One Frame ForwardAlt+.Option+.
Slip Audio One Frame ReverseAlt+,Option+,
Slip Audio One SubFrame ForwardAlt+RightOption+Right
Slip Audio One SubFrame ReverseAlt+LeftOption+Left
Slip Eye Opposite Eye One Frame ForwardAlt+Ctrl+.Option+⌘+.
Slip Eye Opposite Eye OneFrame ReverseAlt+Ctrl+,Option+⌘+,
Nudge Trim Step Trim StartShift+[Shift+[
Nudge Trim Step Trim EndShift+]Shift+]
Nudge Trim Step ExtendEE
Toggle Dynamic Trim ModeWW
Dynamic StopCtrl+K⌘+K
Ripple Start To PlayheadCtrl+Shift+[⌘+Shift+[
Ripple End To PlayheadCtrl+Shift+]⌘+Shift+]
Toggle Slide ModeSS
Fade In To PlayheadAlt+Shift+DOption+Shift+D
FadeOut To PlayheadAlt+Shift+GOption+Shift+G


Split ClipCtrl+\⌘+\
Join ClipAlt+\Option+\
Blade RazorCtrl+B⌘+B
Select Clips Select Track BeforeCtrl+Y⌘+Y
Select Clips Select All BeforeCtrl+Alt+Y⌘+Option+Y
Select Clips Select Track AfterYY
Select Clips Select All AfterAlt+YOption+Y
Selection Follows Timeline(NONE)(NONE)
Scrub AudioShift+SShift+S
Linked SelectionShift+Ctrl+LShift+⌘+L
Linked Selection InvertAltOption
TrackDestinationSelectionTarget VAlt+1Option+1
Track Destination Selection Target V2Alt+2Option+2
Track Destination Selection Target V3Alt+3Option+3
Track Destination Selection Target V4Alt+4Option+4
Track Destination Selection Target V5Alt+5Option+5
Track Destination Selection Target V6Alt+6Option+6
Track Destination Selection Target V7Alt+7Option+7
Track Destination Selection Target V8Alt+8Option+8
Track Destination Selection Target AAlt+Ctrl+1Option+⌘+1
Track Destination Selection Target A2Alt+Ctrl+2Option+⌘+2
Track Destination Selection Target A3Alt+Ctrl+2Option+⌘+3
Track Destination Selection Target A4Alt+Ctrl+3Option+⌘+4
Track Destination Selection Target A5Alt+Ctrl+4Option+⌘+5
Track Destination Selection Target A6Alt+Ctrl+5Option+⌘+6
Track Destination Selection Target A7Alt+Ctrl+6Option+⌘+7
Track Destination Selection Target A8Alt+Ctrl+7Option+⌘+8
Video Move Track Destination UpCtrl+Shift+Up⌘+Shift+Up
Video Move Track Destination DownCtrl+Shift+Down⌘+Shift+Down
Audio Move Track Destination UpCtrl+Alt+Up⌘+Option+Up
Audio Move Track Destination DownCtrl+Alt+Down⌘+Option+Down
Track Lock Toggle V1Alt+Shift+1Option+Shift+1
Track Lock Toggle V2Alt+Shift+2Option+Shift+2
Track Lock Toggle V3Alt+Shift+3Option+Shift+3
Track Lock Toggle V4Alt+Shift+4Option+Shift+4
Track Lock Toggle V5Alt+Shift+5Option+Shift+5
Track Lock Toggle V6Alt+Shift+6Option+Shift+6
Track Lock Toggle V7Alt+Shift+7Option+Shift+7
Track Lock Toggle V8Alt+Shift+8Option+Shift+8
Track Lock Toggle VAlt+Shift+9Option+Shift+9
Track Lock Toggle A1Alt+Shift+F1Option+Shift+F1
Track Lock Toggle A2Alt+Shift+F2Option+Shift+F2
Track Lock Toggle A3Alt+Shift+F3Option+Shift+F3
Track Lock Toggle A4Alt+Shift+F4Option+Shift+F4
Track Lock Toggle A5Alt+Shift+F5Option+Shift+F5
Track Lock Toggle A6Alt+Shift+F6Option+Shift+F6
Track Lock Toggle A7Alt+Shift+F7Option+Shift+F7
Track Lock Toggle A8Alt+Shift+F8Option+Shift+F8
Track Lock Toggle AAlt+Shift+F9Option+Shift+F9
Auto Select Toggle Video 1Alt+F1Option+F1
Auto Select Toggle Video 2Alt+F2Option+F2
Auto Select Toggle Video 3Alt+F3Option+F3
Auto Select Toggle Video 4Alt+F4Option+F4
Auto Select Toggle Video 5Alt+F5Option+F5
Auto Select Toggle Video 6Alt+F6Option+F6
Auto Select Toggle Video 7Alt+F7Option+F7
Auto Select Toggle Video 8Alt+F8Option+F8
Auto Select Toggle Video AllAlt+F9Option+F9
Auto Select Toggle Audio 1Alt+Ctrl+F1Option+⌘+F1
Auto Select Toggle Audio 2Alt+Ctrl+F2Option+⌘+F2
Auto Select Toggle Audio 3Alt+Ctrl+F3Option+⌘+F3
Auto Select Toggle Audio 4Alt+Ctrl+F4Option+⌘+F4
Auto Select Toggle Audio 5Alt+Ctrl+F5Option+⌘+F5
Auto Select Toggle Audio 6Alt+Ctrl+F6Option+⌘+F6
Auto Select Toggle Audio 7Alt+Ctrl+F7Option+⌘+F7
Auto Select Toggle Audio 8Alt+Ctrl+F8Option+⌘+F8
Auto Select Toggle Audio AllAlt+Ctrl+F9Option+⌘+F9
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 1Shift+Ctrl+1Shift+⌘+1
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 2Shift+Ctrl+2Shift+⌘+2
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 3Shift+Ctrl+3Shift+⌘+3
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 4Shift+Ctrl+4Shift+⌘+4
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 5Shift+Ctrl+5Shift+⌘+5
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 6Shift+Ctrl+6Shift+⌘+6
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 7Shift+Ctrl+7Shift+⌘+7
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track 8Shift+Ctrl+8Shift+⌘+8
Enable Disable Toggle Video Track AllShift+Ctrl+9Shift+⌘+9
Add TransitionCtrl+T⌘+T
Add Video TransitionAlt+TOption+T
Add Audio TransitionShift+TShift+T
Match FrameFF
Source Viewer SwapCtrl+PgUp⌘+PgUp


Change SpeedRR
Retime ControlsCtrl+R⌘+R
Change DurationCtrl+D⌘+D
Freeze FrameShift+RShift+R
Reset RetimeAlt+Ctrl+ROption+⌘+R
Show KeyframeorShift+Ctrl+CShift+⌘+C
Show CurveorShift+CShift+C
Audio Increase Audio Level 1dBCtrl+Alt+=⌘+Option+=
Audio Decrease Audio Level 1dBCtrl+Alt+-⌘+Option+-
Audio Increase Audio Level 3dBAlt+Shift+=Option+Shift+=
Audio Decrease Audio Level 3dBAlt+Shift+-Option+Shift+-
Multicam Cut To Angle 111
Multicam Cut To Angle 222
Multicam Cut To Angle 333
Multicam Cut To Angle 444
Multicam Cut To Angle 555
Multicam Cut To Angle 666
Multicam Cut To Angle 777
Multicam Cut To Angle 888
Multicam Cut To Angle 999
Multicam Switch To Angle 1Alt+1Option+1
Multicam Switch To Angle 2Alt+2Option+2
Multicam Switch To Angle 3Alt+3Option+3
Multicam Switch To Angle 4Alt+4Option+4
Multicam Switch To Angle 5Alt+5Option+5
Multicam Switch To Angle 6Alt+6Option+6
Multicam Switch To Angle 7Alt+7Option+7
Multicam Switch To Angle 8Alt+8Option+8
Multicam Switch To Angle 9Alt+9Option+9


Stills Still GrabCtrl+Alt+G⌘+Option+G
Stills Still PlayCtrl+Alt+F⌘+Option+F
Stills Still NextCtrl+Alt+N⌘+Option+N
Stills Still PrevCtrl+Alt+B⌘+Option+B
Stereo Switch Eye CycleCtrl+.⌘+.
Highlight HighlightShift+HShift+H
Highlight Highlight BWAlt+Shift+HOption+Shift+H
Highlight Highlight DiffShift+Ctrl+HShift+⌘+H
Bypass Color GradesShift+DShift+D
Reference Wipe ToggleCtrl+W⌘+W
Reference Wipe Mode CycleAlt+Shift+WOption+Shift+W
Reference Wipe Style CycleShift+WShift+W
Reference Wipe InvertAlt+WOption+W
Reference RepositionAlt+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
Timeline Wipe One Frame ReverseAlt+Ctrl+LeftOption+⌘+Left
Timeline Wipe One Frame ForwardAlt+Ctrl+RightOption+⌘+Right
Window Outline CycleAlt+HOption+H
Timeline Mode CycleCtrl+PgDown⌘+PgDown
Zoom Actual SizeAlt+Shift+ZOption+Shift+Z
Zoom Viewer To FitZZ
Zoom Sub Zoom To FitShift+ZShift+Z
Zoom Sub Zoom InCtrl+= or Ctrl++⌘+= or ⌘++
Zoom Sub Zoom OutCtrl+-⌘+-
Zoom Default ZoomCtrl+0⌘+0
Split Screen Mode On Off ToggleAlt+Ctrl+WOption+⌘+W
Find Clip In Media PoolAlt+FOption+F
Viewer ToggleQQ
Viewer Source Mode ToggleShift+QShift+Q
Active Window Selection Source ViewerCtrl+3⌘+3
Active Window Selection Timeline ViewerCtrl+5⌘+5
Active Window Selection TimelineCtrl+4⌘+4
Active Window Selection Media Pool FoldersCtrl+1⌘+1
Active Window Selection Media Pool ClipsCtrl+2⌘+2
Active Window Selection EffectsCtrl+6⌘+6
Active Window Selection IndexCtrl+7⌘+7
Active Window Selection InspectorCtrl+9⌘+9
Toggle Primaries Log ModeAlt+ZOption+Z
Channels RGBCtrl+Shift+0⌘+Shift+0
Show Viewer OverlayShift+`Shift+`
Remote GradingCtrl+G⌘+G
Primary Workspace MediaShift+2Shift+2
Primary Workspace First CutShift+3Shift+3
Primary WorkspaceShift+4Shift+4
Primary Workspace FusionShift+5Shift+5
Primary Workspace ColorShift+6Shift+6
Primary Workspace AudioShift+7Shift+7
Primary Workspace DeliverShift+8Shift+8
Video Scopes ToggleCtrl+Shift+W⌘+Shift+W
Viewer Mode Enhanced ViewerAlt+FOption+F
Viewer Mode Full ViewerShift+FShift+F
Viewer Mode Cinema ViewerCtrl+F or P⌘+F or P
Lightbox ViewShift+Ctrl+FShift+⌘+F
Source Timeline PlayheadsAlt+QOption+Q


Video InAlt+Shift+IOption+Shift+I
Video OutAlt+Shift+OOption+Shift+O
Audio InAlt+Ctrl+IOption+⌘+I
Audio OutAlt+Ctrl+OOption+⌘+O
Reset InAlt+IOption+I
Reset OutAlt+OOption+O
Reset In OutAlt+XOption+X
Video Reset In OutAlt+Shift+XOption+Shift+X
Audio Reset In OutAlt+Ctrl+XOption+⌘+X
Keyframe Make DynamicCtrl+[⌘+[
Keyframe Make StaticCtrl+]⌘+]
Keyframe DeleteAlt+]Option+]
Marker AddMM
Marker ModifyShift+MShift+M
Marker Add And ModifyCtrl+M⌘+M
Marker Secondary AddCtrl+M⌘+M
Marker ClearAlt+MOption+M
Flag AddGG
Create Sub ClipAlt+BOption+B


Play ForwardLL
Play ReverseJJ
Fast ForwardShift+LShift+L
Fast ReverseShift+JShift+J
Play SlowShift+KShift+K
Play ToggleSpaceSpace
Step ForwardRightRight
Step ReverseLeftLeft
Large Step ForwardShift+RightShift+Right
Large Step ReverseShift+LeftShift+Left
Play AgainAlt+LOption+L
Clip PrevUpUp
Clip NextDownDown
Jump LeftAlt+Ctrl+LeftOption+⌘+Left
Jump RightAlt+Ctrl+RightOption+⌘+Right
Markers PrevShift+UpShift+Up
Markers NextShift+DownShift+Down
Timecode= or Numpad+== or Numpad+=
Timecode Increment+ or Numpad+++ or Numpad++
Timecode Decrement– or Numpad+-– or Numpad+-
First Frame;;
Last Frame
Keyframe Prev[[
Keyframe Next]]
Gap PrevAlt+Ctrl+;Option+⌘+;
Gap NextAlt+Ctrl+’Option+⌘+’
Timeline StartHomeHome
Timeline EndEndEnd
Go to InShift+IShift+I
Go to OutShift+OShift+O
Play Around To Play Around Current Selection//
Play Around To Play Around Current ClipShift+/Shift+/
Play Around ToPlay In To OutAlt+/Option+/
Play Around To Play Around InAlt+SpaceOption+Space
Play Around To Play Around OutShift+SpaceShift+Space
Play Around To Play To In(NONE)(NONE)
Play Around To Play To OutAlt+Ctrl+/Option+⌘+/
Scanner Perf Step ForwardCtrl+L⌘+L
Scanner Perf Step ReverseCtrl+J⌘+J
Scanner Framing Move ReverseCtrl+Left⌘+Left
Scanner Framing Move ForwardCtrl+Right⌘+Right
Track ForwardCtrl+T⌘+T
Track ReverseAlt+TOption+T
Track StopCtrl+Alt+T⌘+Option+T
Track One Frame ForwardAlt+RightOption+Right
Track One Frame ReverseAlt+LeftOption+Left
Render Cache CycleAlt+ROption+R


Base MemoryShift+HomeShift+Home
Base Memory AllCtrl+Shift+Home⌘+Shift+Home
Base Memory ResetCtrl+Home⌘+Home
Preview MemoryAlt+Shift+POption+Shift+P
Original MemoryAlt+Shift+OOption+Shift+O
Grade From One Clip PriorShift+=Shift+=
Grade From Two Clips PriorShift+-Shift+-
Version AddCtrl+Y⌘+Y
Version DefaultCtrl+U⌘+U
Version PrevCtrl+B⌘+B
Version NextCtrl+N⌘+N
Auto ColorAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Memories Load A(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load B(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load C(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load D(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load E(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load F(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load G(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Load H(NONE)(NONE)
Memories Save AAlt+1Option+1
Memories Save BAlt+2Option+2
Memories Save CAlt+3Option+3
Memories Save DAlt+4Option+4
Memories Save EAlt+5Option+5
Memories Save FAlt+6Option+6
Memories Save GAlt+7Option+7
Memories Save HAlt+8Option+8
Printer Lights EnableCtrl+Alt+`⌘+Option+`
Printer Lights Master PlusNumpad++Numpad++
Printer Lights Master MinusNumpad+EnterNumpad+Enter
Printer Lights Red PlusNumpad+7Numpad+7
Printer Lights Red MinusNumpad+4Numpad+4
Printer Lights Green PlusNumpad+8Numpad+8
Printer Lights Green MinusNumpad+5Numpad+5
Printer Lights Blue PlusNumpad+9Numpad+9
Printer Lights Blue MinusNumpad+6Numpad+6
Printer Lights Cyan PlusNumpad+1Numpad+1
Printer Lights Cyan MinusNumpad+-Numpad+-
Printer Lights Mag PlusNumpad+2Numpad+2
Printer Lights Mag MinusNumpad+0Numpad+0
Printer Lights Yel PlusNumpad+3Numpad+3
Printer Lights Yel MinusNumpad+.Numpad+.
Printer Lights Master Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad++⌘+Numpad++
Printer Lights Master Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+Enter⌘+Numpad+Enter
Printer Lights Red Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+7⌘+Numpad+7
Printer Lights Red Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+4⌘+Numpad+4
Printer Lights Green Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+8⌘+Numpad+8
Printer Lights Green Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+5⌘+Numpad+5
Printer Lights Blue Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+9⌘+Numpad+9
Printer Lights Blue Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+6⌘+Numpad+6
Printer Lights Cyan Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+1⌘+Numpad+1
Printer Lights Cyan Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+-⌘+Numpad+-
Printer Lights Mag Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+2⌘+Numpad+2
Printer Lights Mag Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+0⌘+Numpad+0
Printer Lights Yel Quarter PlusCtrl+Numpad+3⌘+Numpad+3
Printer Lights Yel Quarter MinusCtrl+Numpad+.⌘+Numpad+.
Live GradeCtrl+R⌘+R
Live Grade PauseShift+Ctrl+RShift+⌘+R
Grab Live Grade FrameCtrl+Alt+R⌘+Optiont+R


Add SerialAlt+SOption+S
Add BeforeShift+SShift+S
Add ParallelAlt+POption+P
Add LayerAlt+LOption+L
Add OutsideAlt+OOption+O
Add Splitter CombinerAlt+YOption+Y
Add CPWAlt+COption+C
Add LPWAlt+QOption+Q
Add PPWAlt+GOption+G
Add PCWAlt+BOption+B
Toggle CurrentCtrl+D⌘+D
Toggle AllAlt+DOption+D
Extract CurrentEE
Delete CurrentDel or BackspaceDel or Backspace


Extend Selection To NextShift+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+’Shift+Tab or ⌘+Shift+’
Extend Selection To Next TrackCtrl+Shift+;⌘+Shift+;
Extend Selection To PreviousCtrl+Shift+K⌘+Shift+K
Extend Selection To Previous TrackCtrl+Shift+P⌘+Shift+P
Move Selection To NextCtrl+’ or Tab⌘+’ or Tab
Move Selection To Next FrameCtrl+Alt+.⌘+Option+.
Move Selection To Next TrackCtrl+;⌘+;
Move Selection To PreviousCtrl+L⌘+L
Move Selection To Previous FrameCtrl+Alt+,⌘+Option+,
Move Selection To Previous TrackCtrl+P⌘+P
First Frame(NONE)(NONE)
Last Frame(NONE)(NONE)
Add Transition(NONE)(NONE)
Trim To SelectionCtrl+Shift+T⌘+Shift+T
Crossfade SelectionAlt+Shift+FOption+Shift+F
Track Waveform Reset Zoom All TracksCtrl+Alt+R⌘+Option+R
Track Waveform Reset Zoom Selected TracksAlt+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
Duplicate SelectionCtrl+Shift+D⌘+Shift+D

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Justin Robinson is a Certified DaVinci Resolve, Fusion & Fairlight instructor who is known for simplifying concepts and techniques for anyone looking to learn any aspect of the video post-production workflow. Justin is the founder of JayAreTV, a training and premade asset website offering affordable and accessible video post-production education. You can follow Justin on Twitter at @JayAreTV YouTube at JayAreTV or Facebook at MrJayAreTV

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