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  • DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and Fairlight courses.
  • Pre-made titles, slideshow, transitions, and other templates.
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DaVinci Resolve Certification Courses

Learn at your own pace on your own time. Dive into 25+ Hours of online on demand certification courses designed to learn everything in DaVinci Resolve and take your career to the next level.

At the end of each certification course you will gain access to the exam at no additional charge and all certifications are issued by Blackmagic Design.

DaVinci Resolve Courses

Pre-made DaVinci Resolve Assets

Get access to our growing library of 400+ Titles, Transitions, Presets, Macros, Templates, Openers, Slideshows, Project files, Effects, LUTs, Power Grades and more.

Best part! Once you download the packs you can use them forever even if you stop being a Pro member.

DaVinci Resolve & Fusion Mini-Courses

Fast track the learning process to create like a pro.

Mini-Courses are usually condensed to a duration from a half-hour to three hours. Each Mini-course is carefully crafted to tackle specific topic like motion graphics, color grading, editing tips, audio processing and much more!

With project files available to you in most mini-courses, you’ll get hands on experience with the material. Rather than just watching the course, now you can actively engage with all of the tools necessary to help with your learning experience. You can go over each part as many times as necessary and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the DaVinci Resolve tools and processes.

DaVinci Resolve Email Support

Need assistance with DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, or Fairlight? Get expert technical support from a certified professional!

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Resolve Support

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