DaVinci Resolve Mini-Courses

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About the DaVinci Resolve Mini-Courses

Mini-Courses are normally around 30 minutes to 3 hours long. Each Mini-course is designed to tackle a specific topic, these topics can range from creating and designing custom elements to exploring a set of tools and when to use them. The courses come with downloadable files so you can work with the course.

All mini-courses are included with the pro membership.

Learn how to take a vectored pre-made element and turn it into a animated title.

Building A Title In Fusion

Building a title animation & design to use on the cut or edit page.

Highlighter Effect In DaVinci Resolve

Guide to make a highlighter effect and learn how to use the premade macro you can download.

Retime Clip Controls

Learn all of the controls in DaVinci Resolve to adjust video speed. Explore how to speed ramp, freeze frame, play backwards, and much more.

Stabilization in DaVinci Resolve

Learn how to stabilize video in DaVinci Resolve. Explore all of the options the stabilization tools in DaVinci Resolve have available to use.

Subscribe Button Animation Using Fusion

Making a reusable subscribe button. Learn your way around Fusion as we build this animation. Explore how to export the finished work or turn the Fusion comp into a generator we can use on the edit or cut page when editing.

Different Ways To Save In DaVinci Resolve

Learn how the Resolve database works and its pros as well as how to save a project file if needed. We also go over how to save a project archive and its differences.

Learn everything DaVinci Resolve and Fusion.

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