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Becoming an DaVinci Resolve Certified Professional typically requires 100+ hours of hands-on experience and instruction. Use the resources in the Pro Membership to excel in every aspect of the DaVinci Resolve post-production workflow.

DaVinci Resolve Classes

Get Certified on each aspect of DaVinci Resolve. Take a Certification Course on Edit, Color, Fusion, or Fairlight to receive an additional Specialty Credential and gain recognition as an DaVinci Resolve Certified Professional in video post-production.

Certification Benefits

DaVinci Resolve certification provides a number of tangible benefits to both certified individuals and the organizations they work for, either now or in the future.

For individuals DaVinci Resolve certification provides.

  • Industry recognition of proven expertise in a given DaVinci Resolve specialty Edit, Color, Fusion, or Fairlight.
  • The ability to advance your career with measurable value to employers.
  • Access to be listed in the Find a DaVinci Resolve Certified Professional online listing.

For employers DaVinci Resolve certification provides.

  • Ability to find the right person for the job, quickly assessing candidate skill level.
  • Confidence in your teams ability‚Äôs and skills with the DaVinci Resolve toolset.
  • Capability to invest in and promote your most promising employees.

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