Mariner Info Cards

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  • 15 Info Cards Video Displays
  • This pack contains macros for the Fusion page - More info about macros CLICK HERE
  • All FPS & All Resolutions
  • Easy To Add & Edit
  • DaVinci Resolve 15, DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio and above
  • No Plug-ins Required
  • Free Support

Change Camera Move

All Mariner Info Card templets let you easily change how long camera moves are with a slider. You can also change the start and end locations of the camera move without needing to edit any keyframes.

Reflections Options

Built-in reflections can be enabled or disabled with a single click. Templets come with a selection of different options to pick from. You also have the ability to tint the reflections added to the media.

Video Tutorial

Mariner template pack comes with a video tutorial showing you how to use the Mariner info cards in DaVinci Resolve