Making Lyric Video with DaVinci Resolve

Creating a lyric video can quickly become very time consuming depending on the goal. When using something like Fusion within DaVinci Resolve you have endless ways to display lyrics on screen. We will be building what I think is a relatively simple and quick way to display lyrics on screen and a clean and easy to follow lyric video. Everything in this video can be done in the non-Studio version of DaVinci Resolve.

How To Make

For this effect we are using a text+ node and rectangle mask node.

Start off with getting all of your lyrics


Copy the lyrics into the text plus node


Make a rectangle mask node and pick a location you want to see the lyrics. I added a bit of soft edge to the make to have a nice falloff.


Next make a background node and copy the rectangle node mask and connect them. We will be making a small bright line to time the lyrics when adding the keyframes.


Next we will be adding the keyframes to the text node to make the timing for the lyrics.


Once done we can remove the line we used for the timing and connect the rectangle mask node.

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