Install LUTs Guide DaVinci Resolve

Installing luts in DaVinci Resolve is quick and easy.

1. Open DaVinci Resolve and go to the color page. Once on the color page click on the LUTs folder.

color page LUTs

2. Click on a folder in the LUTs folder like ACES. Once the folder is highlighted right click on the folder, you will see a popup menu, in this menu you will want to click file location.

LUTs open file locations
3. A folder should open. In this folder you can click to go back in to the LUT's folder.
DaVinci Resolve LUTs folder
4. In this LUTs folder you can add you new folder of LUTs here.
LUTs folder
5.Once you have added all of your new LUTs in you will want to go back into resolve and right click on the LUTs folder and hit refresh.
Refresh LUTs folder
Now you should be able to see your new folder of LUTs in the list.