Webm files and specifically in the flavor codec of VP9 are widely used in the video streaming space. It’s really amazing how small these files get and still play back without a ton of system resources required. You can easily see a 90% decrease in overall size of the file and this is very beneficial for third-party hosting services that you might use for alerts.

At the time of this post we still can’t export webm files directly out of DaVinci Resolve but I do have an easy-to-use solution. In the past I’ve recommended using ffmpeg but in its raw state it is a cli (Command Line Interface) application. I quickly learned in my last video on the subject that some people would prefer to not use command line tools so I’ve found a couple of alternatives that use ffmpeg but have a interface. The one I use in the video is ShareX. After posting the video someone in the comments recommended I should take a look at Shutter Encoder, so ill be looking at that one also. Since both ShareX and Shutter Encoder use ffmpeg the quality would be the same with both of them it would really come down to which of the application interfaces you like more and  what other tools are packaged with the application.

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