Guide to upgrade or backup your DaVinci Resolve database.

When big changes are added to DaVinci Resolve you sometimes need to update the database. Updating the database makes the database not compatible with older versions of DaVinci Resolve.

Backup DaVinci Resolve Database

To get started you first need to start DaVinci Resolve. Once you’re at the project screen click the button to the left of the word projects.

Once you click on the button you should see a list of your databases. Select the database you want to backup. Next click the backup button

When you save the DaVinci database you might want to add a date or a version to the name. I like adding the extra info to the name in case I ever need to use the database in the future.

If you ever need to restore an older database use the button next to the backup button.

Upgrade DaVinci Resolve Database

You only really need to upgrade a database when DaVinci prompts you to do so.

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