Freenas has been my go-to recommendation for people that are looking for a storage solution.  I'm a huge fan of the software because you have the ability to build up the system to fit your needs and if in the future you need something with more powerful you can easily upgrade. Because FreeNAS is built on FreeBSD the software is compatible with a significantly vast selection of hardware.

NAS Software -


(Chassis I Use)
Main Chassis is a CSE-826BE-R920LPB

(Some Drives I Use)
Toshiba N300 4TB -
WD Red Pro 10TB -
WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB -

One thought on “My High Performance Low Cost Video Production Storage Solution

  1. avatar Freddy Abendanon says:

    Hi Jayret,
    I just have seen the item about the DIY storage :-)
    Do you have any experience with Mellanox cards (40 GbE) who are relatively cheap at Ebay ?

    Regards Freddy

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