Blackmagic RAW player now available for Windows

Blackmagic raw player for windows

I was surprised to see that Blackmagic Design finally released the Windows version of the Blackmagic Raw (BRAW) player. Currently this is version 1.4, the player is pretty primitive and lacks a lot of features.  Version 1.4 has the ability to play braw files start, stop, loop and view previously viewed files. Would like to see the ability to look at metadata and add a lut to the viewer. I think this version can only view sidecar info and add luts that way. I haven't had a lot of time with the player but it seems like it's taking over my graphics card and not allowing other applications to have access to the card at the same time, it's kind of weird.

If you want to download the player for yourself you can HERE

Blackmagic raw player version 1.4 for windows


  • JayAreTV

    @NAHOM You can download the newest version at Once installed you can open the player.

  • nahom

    how can i instal this up

  • chitti


  • robert deon

    How can I download this Raw Player to my PC

  • ali

    sehr gut

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