I have a go at making a Retro VHS Look

Below I've added the power grade from this video.

Once you download the .drx file you will want to import it

To import powergrade go to the color tab > open your gallery > Right click within the gallery window > import > change the file type option to all > navigate to location you have the .drx file


If you want the VHS static I used, you will need to follow the link within this video. https://youtu.be/qELSSAspRDI

8 thoughts on “Make Vintage Retro VHS Look in DaVinci Resolve - LBAL 005

  1. avatar Rovic Ilustre says:

    I imported the power grade but the nodes does not pop up when I click on it. How do I use the power grade here to a project that I am working on?

  2. avatar ефим Щербина says:

    if you downoloaded power grade and its xml just open it in note – save as – VHS1.xml (name of file) ,save, don’t forget change the file type option to all

  3. avatar David Cisowski says:

    This files saves as VHS.drx.xml.
    Davinci won’t import it

  4. avatar Stefan D. says:

    Why is everybody asking for the link? It’s in the text above… Click on “VHS POWER GRADE DOWNLOAD”…

  5. avatar yuma Ito says:

    Where I can find .drx file?


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