Fusion For Beginners in DaVinci Resolve 17

Going over the basics for beginner getting into fusion while building in intro.

00:00 Intro
00:43 Getting media into Fusion
03:12 Jump to different clip in Fusion
03:39 Fusion UI overview
04:58 Types of Fusion nodes
06:37 How to get to all Fusion nodes
07:27 Inputs for nodes in Fusion
07:57 How to view a node in Fusion
08:20 Adding mask to node in Fusion
11:32 Connect nodes together with merge node
12:48 How to change apply mode and blend modes
13:53 Creating animations with keyframes
24:52 Getting Fusion project on edit page in DaVinci Resolve
25:29 Adding easing to keyframes in Fusion
27:26 Adding motion blur in Fusion
28:51 Adding more memory for Fusion to use
29:06 Clear ram cache in Fusion


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