full screen viewer in resolve 16

The New DaVinci Resolve 16.1 now has the ability to have a full screen viewer on a second monitor without needing to have extra external hardware like a UltraStudio. To enable the full screen viewer click Workspace > Full Screen Viewer On > Click the display to use.

enable full screen viewer in DaVinci Resolve 16

6 thoughts on “New Full Screen Viewer

  1. avatar Dave Jones says:

    Only working in Studio version, not in free.

  2. avatar Henk says:

    It is solved☺. This option is only available in the Studio version. Now it works fine!

  3. avatar Henk says:

    I know. I’ve installed version 16.1.0B.017. (latest version which I can download). Doesn’t matter but strange that I don’t have that option.

  4. avatar JayAreTV says:

    Make sure it’s 16.1 or newer.

  5. avatar Henk says:

    That’s strange. I’ve also the latest (Beta) version installed but doesn’t have that option.


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